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vickers pump parts

vickers pump parts
Product Detailed
vickers pump parts 1.centrifugal pump 2.suitable for fluid drive system 3.competitive price. 4.advanced technique vickers pump parts

1.CIS,IS series marine use horizontal centrifugal pump

 2.CWL series horizontal centrifugal pump

3. BA,CB series horizontal centrifugal pump

4.BL Series Marine Horizntal Centrifugal Pump

5.ICB series stainless steel pressing

6.CSG,CSW series marine vertical, horizontal centrifugal pump

7.CL Series marine vertical centrifugal pumps

8.CLLa marine vertical centrifugal pump

9.CLH Series marine vertical seawater pump 

10.CLZ Series marine vertical self-priming centrifugal pumps




1. applicable to transport sea water and fresh water,

2. applicable for fire control, cooling and santitary engineering (T<80°).

3. applicable for water supply and drainage, also to irrigate for farmland and orchard(T<80°).


pump:2520V,3520V,3525V,4520V,4525V,4535V: PVQ PVQ5,PVQ10,PVQ15,PVQ20,PVQ25,PVQ29,PVQ45 PVBPVB5,PVB10,PVB15,PVB20,PVB25,PVB29,PVB45 PVH:PVH57,PVH74,PVH98,PVH131,PVH141

PFB5,PFB10,PFB20,PFB45,PFB5-FRY-22-S124 PVB5/6,PVB10/15,PVB20/29,PVB45,PVB90;PVB20-F-MRSFXN-10-CM-CVP-C-G-L-11-GE1 PV/PF

PF066,PF090,PF130,PF180,PF250,PV066,PV090,PV130,PV180,PV250;PV 060M2 R 1A 1A 1N1V20EU17**10 PV250,PV360,PV500,PV750,PF250,PF360,PF500,PF750,TPV130,TPV180,TPV250,TPV360,TPV500,TPF130,TPF180,TPF250,TPF360,TPF500;PV 250M 7R1N1R1S1V30EU11DP11 PVH

PVH57QIC,PVH63QIC,PVH74QIC,PVH81QIC,PVH98QIC,PVH106QIC,PVH131QIC PVH141QICPVH074R13AA10B252000001AF1AB 010A PVM018/020,PVM045/050,PVM057/063,PVM131/141,PVQ10,PVQ13,PVQ16,PVQ20,PVQ25,PVQ32,PVQ40,PVQ45,PVQ63


PVQ32-B2R-SE1S-21-CM7-12 PVQ32-B2R-SS1S-21-CM7-12 PVQ32-B2R-SS1S-21-C1-4-12 PVQ40-MBR-SSNS-10-CM710 4535V60A25-1AA-22R 4535V60A25-1CC-22R 4525V60A12-1AA-22R 4525V60A12-1CC-22R 2520V17A5-1AA-22R 2520V17A5-1AA-22R 2520V17A5 1BB22R 2520V17A5 1CC22R 2520V17A5 1DD22R 2520V17A5 1AB22R 2520V17A8 1AA22R 2520V17A8 1BB22R 2520V17A8 1CC22R 2520V17A8 1CC22L 2520V17A8 1CB22R 2520V17A11 86DD22R 2520V17A11 1DD22R 2520V17A14 1AA22R 2520V17A14 1CC22R 2520V17A14 1CB22R 2520V21A2 1AA22R 2520V21A2 1CC22R 2520V21A5 1AA22R 2520V21A5 1CC22R 2520V21A5 1DD22R 2520V21A8 1AA22R 2520V21A8 1BB22R 2520V21A8 1CC22R 2520V21A8 1DD22R 2520V21A11 1AA22R 2520V21A11 1BB22R 2520V21A11 1CC22R 2520V21A11-1AB22R 2520V21A11-1DA22R 2520V21A12 1AA22R 2520V21A12 1BB22R 2520V21A12 1CC22R 2520V21A12 1DD22R 2520V21A12 1CB22R 2520V21A14 1AA22R 2520V21A14 1DD22R 2520V21A14-1AB22R 2520V21A14 1AC22R 2520V21A14 1AD22R 2520V21A14 1CB22R 2520VQH17A12-1DD20R 2525V21A17 86DA22R 3520V25A5 1AA22R 3520V25A5 1CC22R 3520V25A8-86CB22R 3520V25A11 1BB22R 3520V25A11 86AB22R 3520V25A12 1AA22R 3520V25A12 1CC22R 3520V25A12-1DD22R 3520V30A2 1CC22R 3520V30A5 1DB22R 3520V30A5 1DC22R 20V5A 1C22R 20V5A 1C22R 20V5A 1D22R 20V8A 1A22R 20V8A 1C22R 20V8A 1D22R 20V8A-1C22L 20V8A 151C22R 20V11A 1A22R 20V11A 1B22R 20V11A 1C22R 20V11A 1D22R 20V11A 1A22L 20V12A 1A22R 20V12A 1D22R 20VQ5A 1C30 25V10A 1A22R 25V10A-1C22R 25V12A 1B22R 25V12A 1C22R 25V12A 1D22R 25V12A-11A22R 25V14A 1A22R 25V14A 1B22R 25V14A 1C22R 25V14A 1D22R 25V14A-1B22L 25V14AF-1C22R 25V14AM-1D22R 25V17A 1A22R 25V17A 1B22R 25V17A 1C22R 25V17A 1D22R 25V17A 1A22L 25V17A 11B22L 25V21A 1A22R 25V21A 1B22R 25V21A 1C22R 25V21A 1D22R 25V21A 1A22L 35V25A 1A22R 35V25A 1B22R 35V25A 1C22R 35V25A 1D22R 35V30A 1A22R 35V30A 1B22R 35V30A 1C22R 3525V35A21-1BA22R 3525V38A12-1BB-22R 3525V38A14 11AA22R 3525V38A17 1AA22R 3525V38A17 1BB22R 3525V38A17 1CC22R 3525V38A17 1BA22R 3525V38A17 1DA22R 3525V38A21 1AA22R 3525V38A21 1BB22R 3525V38A21 1CC22R 3525V38A21-1AB22R 3525V38A21 86BB22R 3525V38A21 86CC22R 3525VQ30A21 1DD20 4520V42A5 1CC22R 4520V42A11 1AB22R 4520V42A11 1AC22R 4520V42A12 1CC22R 4520V42A12 1CC22R 4520V42A12 86DD22R 4520V50A5 1CC22R 4520V50A8 1CC22R 4520V50A11 1AA22R 4520V50A11 1CC22R 4520V50A12 1AA22R 4520V50A14-1AA22L 4520V60A5 1CC22R 4520V60A8 1AA22R 4520V60A8 1CC22R 4520V60A11 1AD22R 4520V60A12 1AA22R 4520V60A12 1CC22R 4520V60A14 1CC22R 4525V42A14-1AD22R 4525V42A17 1AA22R 4525V42A17 1CC22R 4525V42A17 1DD22R 4525V42A17 1DA22R 4525V42A21 1AA22R 4525V42A21 1BB22R 4525V42A21 1CC22R 4525V42A21 1BA22R 4525V42A21 1BD22R 4525V42A21 1DA22R 4525V42A21 86AA22R 4525V42A21-86DD22R 4520V45A5 1BB22R 4525V50A12 1DD22R 4525V50A14 1AA22R 4525V50A14 1DD22R 4525V50A17 1AA22R 4525V50A17 1CC22R 4525V50A17 1DD22R 4525V50A17 1DD22R 4525V50A21 1AA22R 4525V50A21 1CC22R 4525V50A21 1DD22R 4525V50A21 1BB22L 4525V50A21 1AB22R 4525V 50A21 1AD22R 4525V50A21 1DA22R 4525V50A21-1DC22R 4525V50A21 86AA22R 4525V50A21 86BB22R 4525V60A12 1DD22R 35V30A 1C22R 35V30A 1D22R 35V30A-1B22L 35V30A-86A22R 35V35A 1B22R 35V35A 1C22R 35V35A 1D22R 35V38A 1A22R 35V38A 1B22R 35V38A 1C22R 35V38A 1D22R 35V38A 1A22L 35VQ35A 1C20 45V42A 1A22R 45V42A 1B22R 45V42A 1C22R 45V42A 1D22R 45V42A 86A22R 45V42A 86B22R 45V42A 86C22R 45V42A 86C22R 45V42A 86D22R 45V50A 1A22R 45V50A 1B22R 45V50A 1C22R 45V50A 1D22R 45V50A 86C22R 45V50AM-86D22R 45V60A 1A22R 45V60A 1B22R 45V60A 1C22R 45V60A 1D22R 45V60A 1A22L 45V60A-1B22L 45V60A 1C22L 45V60A 1D22L 45V60A 86A22R 45VQ60A 86C20 50V85A 1A11 130 LH 50V109A 1D11 130 2520V12A2 1BB22R 2520V12A2-1CA22R 2520V12A5 1DD22R 2520V12A5-1AD22R 2520V12A8 1AA22R 2520V12A8 1CC22R 2520V12A8 1DD22R 2520V12A11 1AA22R 2520V12A11 1DD22R 2520V14A5 1BB22R 2520V14A5 1CC22R 2520V14A5 1DD22R 2520V14A8-1BB22R 2520V14A8 1CC22R 2520V14A8 1DD22R 2520V14A11 1AA22R 2520V14A11 1BB22R 2520V14A11 1CC22R 2520V14A11 1DD22R 2520V14A12 1AA22R 3520V30A8 1AA22R 3520V30A8 1CC22R 3520V30A8-1DD22R 3520V30A8 1CB22R 3520V30A8 1DC22R 3520V30A11 1BB22R 3520V30A11 1CC22R 3520V30A11 86CC22R 3520V30A12 1AA22R 3520V30A12 1AD22R 3520V30A12 1DC22R 3520V30A14 1AA22R 3520V30A14-1AA22L 3520V30A14 1CB22R 3520V35A5 1BB22R 3520V35A5 1CC22R 3520V35A8 1CC22R 3520V35A8 1AD22R 3520V35A8 86AA22L 3520V35A11-1DD22R 3520V35A14 1BB22R 3520V38A5 1AA22R 3520V38A8 1BB22R 3520V38A11 1AA22R 3520V38A11 1BA22R 3520V38A12 1AA22R 3520V38A12-1BB22R 3520V38A12 1CC22R 3520V38A12-1DC22R 3520V38A14 1AA22R 3520V38A14 1AD22R 3525V25A12 1AA22R 3525V25A12 1BB22R 3525V25A12 1CC22R 3525V25A12 1CB22R 3525V25A14-1BB22R 3525V25A14-1AD22R 3525V25A14-1DA22R 3525V25A14 1DC22R 3525V25A17 1AA22R 3525V25A17-1BB22R 3525V25A17 1DD22R 3525V25A17-1DA22R 3525V25A21 1AA22R 3525V25A21 1CC22R 3525V25A21 1BA22R 3525V25A21-86AA22R 3525V30A10-1DD22R 3525V30A12 1AA22R 3525V30A12-1DD22R 3525V30A14 1AA22R 3525V30A14 1CC22R 3525V30A14-1DD22R 3525V30A14-1DA22R 3525V30A17-1AA22R 3525V30A17 1CC22R 3525V30A17 1DD22R 3525V30A17 1DA22R 3525V30A21 1AA22R 3525V30A21 1BB22R 3525V30A21 1CC22R 3525V30A21 1DD22R 3525V30A21 1DA22R 3525V35A12 1DD22R 3525V35A14-1AA22R 3525V35A14 1CC22R 3525V35A17 1AA22R 3525V35A17 1BB22R 3525V35A17 1CC22R 3525V35A17 86CB22R 3525V35A21 1AA22R 4525V60A12 1DD22R 4525V60A12 1CC22L 4525V60A17 1AA22R 4525V60A17 1CC22R 4525V60A17-1CC22L 4525V60A21 1AA22R 4525V60A21 1CC22R 4525V60A21 1DD22R 4525V60A21 1DD22L 4525V60A21 1BA22R 4525V60A21 1BD22R 4525V60A21 1DA22R 4525V60A21 86AA22R 4525VQHSV10S 42AM21S5 4535V42A25 1AA22R 4535V42A25 1BB22R 4535V42A25 1CC22R 4535V42A25 1AD22R 4535V42A25 1DA22R 4535V42A25 86AA22R 4535V42A30 1AA22R 4535V42A30 1DD22R 4535V42A30 1DA22R 4535V42A35 1BB22R 4535V42A35 86AA22R 4535V42A38-86DD22R 4535V50A25 1AA22R 4535V50A25 1BB22R 4535V50A25 1CC22R 4535V50A25 1DD22R 4535V50A25 1DB22R 4535V50A25 86AA22R 4535V50A25 86BB22R 4535V50A25 86DD22R 4535V50A30 1AA22R 4535V50A30 1CC22R 4535V50A30 1DD22R 4535V50A30 86AA22R 4535V50A30 86BB22R 4535V50A30 86CC22R 4535V50A30 86DD22R 4535V50A30 86AD22R 4535V50A30-86BA22R 4535V50A30-86DA22R 4535V50AM30 86AA22R 4535V50A35 1BB22R 4535V50A35 1CC22R 4535V50A35-86CD22R 4535V50A38-1AA22R 4535V50A38-1BB22R 4535V50A38 1CC22R 4535V50A38-1AC22R 4535V50A38-1DA22R 4535V50A38 86DD22R 4535V60A25 1AA22R 4535V60A25 1BB22R 4535V60A25 1CC22R 4535V60A25-1DD22R 4535V60A25-1CC22L 4535V60A25 1DD22L 4535V60A25 1DA22R 4535V60A25 86AA22R 4535V60A25 86BA22R 4535V60A25 86BD22R 4535V60A25 86DA22R 4535V60A25 86DB22R 4535V60A30 1AA22R 4535V60A30 1BB22R 4535V60A30 1CC22R 4535V60A30 1DD22R 4535V60A30 1AB22R 4535V60A30 86AA22R 4535V60A30 86BB22R 4535V60A30 86CC22R 4535V60A30 86DD22R 4535V60A30-86DA22R 4535V60A35 1AA22R 4535V60A35 1BB22R 4535V60A35 1CC22R 4535V60A351BA22R 4535V60A35-1DA22R 4535V60A35 86AA22R 4535V60A35 86BA22R 4535V60A35 86DA22R 4535V60A38 1AA22R 4535V60A38 1BB22R 4535V60A38 1CC22R 4535V60A38 1DD22R 4535V60A38 1CC22L 4535V60A38 1AB22R 4535V60A38 1AD22R 4535V60A38 1AB22L 4535V60A38 1BA22R 4535V60A38 1DA22R 4535V60A38 86AA22R 4535V60A38-86BB22R 4535V60A38 86CC22R 4535V60A38 86DD22R 4535V60A38 86BA22R 4535V60A38 86BD22R 4535V60A38-86DA22R 4535V60A38 86DB22R 4535VQ60A38 219CC20 4535V66A38 86AA22R 4535V66A38 86CC20 26 4535V66A38 86DD20 260 4535V66A38-86AD20-260 4535VQ50A30 1DD20 25VTBS14A-2202CC-22R




vickers pump parts

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